The question “Why do you wake up in the morning?” is a question toss up so frequently when asking someone about the self-purpose of an individual. However, 8/10 times people would say that they wake up because they need to earn a living. Not that the answer is given is wrong, but often times surface level reasoning does not dictate a person’s self-purpose.

When looking into our own self-purpose, it is often like peeling opening layers and layers of onions before you can find that sweet center.

Sure, we all want to make a living, but what do you make a living for? If that’s the reason you work so hard to earn a living, why is that important for you?

One easy technique created by¬†Taiichi Ohno – the father of Toyota’s Production System which was built to determine the root cause and effect is the 5 Whys.

Why do you wake up in the morning? Because the alarm clock rang and I had to go to to work.
Why do you go to work? To earn a living and pay for my bills.
Why do you need to earn a living? Because the are other people dependant on me.
Why are people dependant on you? Because I want them to be able to live a comfortable life, better than what I had before. 
Why is that important to you? It’s something which I did not have in the past, but I believe I can create a better life for others.

It’s far more than just asking “Why? Why? Why?”, but is asking it purposefully until a self-purpose is found.

Looking at the surface answers can often be very demotivating. Nobody should wake up in the morning thinking that their sole purpose is only to go to work. Wake up because, you are creating something align to your self-purpose.

It is important to find out our Self-Purpose to not only give us a compass in our lives, but to give us the burning fire to live our lives to it’s best.