The pace of how fast things are going makes the digital industry in constant fluid flow – adapting and improving at every chance given. Everyone is trying to seek out to be the new “Pink Unicorn”.

However with all the new technologies like like machine learnings, smart speakers, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and much more makes it a constant chase for people in the digital industry to stay a float.

So what do we have coming in 2019? These are my top 5 predictions for Digital Trends for 2019.

1. Growth in Live Videos Platform

Years ago when reality TV was introduced, it provided users with the concept for a more genuine and authentic experience when watching TV. That boom brought many new experiences and engagements to audiences.

Just like reality TV years ago, Live Video will change the way people consume information. An uncensored and authentic experience where no editing and cutouts are involved creates a video with the feeling of being there without having the need to be there (something the industry has been striving to since day 1).

The best part about Live Videos is that it’s capability to provide immediate gratification where it can provide a two way conversation in real time. In a generation who wants everything “now”, Live Videos opens new doors to its current younger generation.

2. Business Driven by Data Driven Decisions

Data Driven Decisions is nothing new and I’ve also created a number of videos back about it. However, last year we saw a lot of business (Both Digital and Non-Digital) began to collecting data and trying to make sence of what it can do. Some have began investing in their own Machine Learning and Data Scientists to make sence of the numbers and I believe this would only expand even deeper!

In 2019, with the help of all the Machine Learning and Data Scientist, I forsee businesses to be driven less by Demographic Data (Age, Gender, Location), but moving forward with Intention Data (Interest in a product, user behaviour and actions).

An estimate of 80% of Marketing is lost when focused on Demographic Data as it only encompass the group of people who fit within the demographic trend. The remaining 80% of users are scattered around the different demographics, but can be seen in their Intention.

3. Rise of Stories

Generation Z can be seen to be avoiding Facebook like a plague – after all, who would want to have photos of them as little kids uploaded by their parents – follow them around with their cool friends right? I know I myself would not want that.

Stories provide and an opportunity for users to have a 24 hour post without having it trail and follow them for life. This also give a very interesting consumption as users only need to consume tiny bits of content in each story and are required to consume it within 24 hours.

Despite the drop in Snapchat users due to Facebook+Instagram’s monster move to include Stories in their platforms, I do foresee all platform still would play an important role with different user base.

4. Micro-influencers Taking Charge

We have seen the past few years evolve from Bloggers to Video Influencers. The best part about being a digital influencer is that you can be one at any age, anywhere! Local universities have also start giving out scholarships to digital influencers by it’s following just like how we used to fight for them with A’s in our exams.

That being said, with the influx of digital influencers which are able to bring up awareness of a product, this also brings up the question of genuinity. Just like Live Videos, people are seeking a more genuine online experience without the need of being forced advertised content. This is where micro-influencers come in.

Micro-influencers on the other hand can be people around us – a friend, a friend of a friend, an uncle, a cousin… anyone! These people can provide a genuine-close to home influence which brings us through the final mile of products. Authentic reviews and ratings are going play a key role moving forward.

Won’t you rather buy something your friend vogues for?

5. Personalization of Products

Personalization of Product increases the enjoyment of the product and at the same time minimise time wasted on irrelevant content. A good way to look at it is Netflix, once you’ve clocked in enough hours, Netflix personalizes it’s homescreen to adapt to what you enjoy watching.

With the expansion on Data Driven Decisions, it is only natural for Digital Businesses to begin personalizing itself to its users.


As much as I would like to include Smart Speakers being the next trend in digital consumption, I do have a concern of its expansion in Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand. A “plus one” I would like to include in this list would be Smart Speakers and for businesses to prepare to adapt to Amazon Echo and Google Home. Recently with Proton’s own release of the X70 with a subscription of 5 years worth of internet inside the car, I can only see amazing things coming with Smart Speakers.


As we move to a more immersive experience online in 2019, I believe it’s only key for us to start using data to assist us in creating better decisions. Decisions which can build trust and improve the enjoyability of the product. Product which at the end of it all is Genuine.