Late Night Swimming – 4 Lessons in Goals

Lately I’ve been taking a liking towards swimming in the evening. Something about the dark, cooling and quiet atmosphere which just gives a sense of calm and relaxation. Part of which, I do take time to count the amount of time I spend in the pool by the number of laps as well as bench mark it compared to my previous swim… and by all means, I’m quite poor at my laps.

However, that ONE lap seemed like an eternity when I first started swimming and I started wondering when it would end. Breath by breath I could only see what blur of a vision of what’s in front of me. I started counting each stroke as if knowing at stroke 100, I would have arrived at the end… hopefully still breathing.

But that’s the same thing in lift isn’t it? We all have life goals, aspirations and dreams and often times it seems so far fetch.

1. Pace yourself. The first time I got in, I wanted to be fast and killed myself half way through. Don’t rush through the process, but enjoy and learn from it. The reason that path is there heading towards your goals is so that we grow into our goals. Rushing creates friction, friction creates fire, fire can be good… just don’t burn out.

2. Small Goals. The big goal is a mile away, and we need smaller milestones to for 2 main reasons – 1) To make sure we are heading to the right direction. 2) Small wins to keep us motivated. Nobody wants to swim half way through to only know that they got nowhere.

3. Trust the 2 meters. We can’t always see far into the future. Most often, we can come up with plans and not always would the follow through. That’s just life and that’s where we always need our small goals and adjust accordingly as we move forward in life, but while in it… trust and move forward.

4. Celebrate wins. Always take time to celebrate a win, no matter how small it is. It could be just a rest to enjoy the view or a cup of coffee in the morning or go for that vacation you’ve been longing for. Life is too short to be always swimming, sometimes all we need is to just take a break and enjoy the breeze.


Since we were kids, there is always that BIG END GAME we would look forward to, may it be the UPSR exam or the SPM exam or getting the Degree, and it’s something somewhat engrained in us, and that’s where an extra…

5. There is always lap 2. Don’t worry that you won’t know what to do next after you’ve reached your goal. There’s always another mile in front and another mountain to climb.


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