Post Malaysia Elections

I can’t be the only one who is going through “Political Drama Fatigue”.

It’s been a very long past few days with lots of ups and downs for Malaysians, however I think it’s about time I switch off and trust the government we’ve voted in to do their job and check on it once in a while or after the 100 day promise date. After all, life goes on, time to focus back on our lives, goals and aspirations. Time waits for no man.

Malaysia started it’s change, now let’s make sure we keep up.

For those who are called the New Government out for not removing GST, PTPTN, or dropping the fuel prices instantly, bare in mind that it took us this long to get here. Our country has gather a staggering RM648,341,821,357 and growing debt during the past few years. It would take some time to recover from it. Have some trust and faith.